Taylor Kerrick Mysteries

Book 1: The Ivory Express

A high-profile murder launches reporter Taylor Kerrick into the world of international ivory smugglers. Determined to expose the criminals and raise public awareness about the plight of endangered elephants, she sets out to follow the story across the Pacific. The only obstacle is her editor. If Ben Palasco had any idea about the threatening letters—or her ultimate plan to snare the smugglers—he’d never let her go. But even without the facts, Ben insists on local backup and arranges for photojournalist Matt Anderson to meet her in Taiwan. Taylor bristles, but agrees—fully intending to ditch the guy—until circumstances and the totally alien environment force her to admit she needs his help. Simple surveillance gives way to deadly threat and the pair are forced to improvise on the run. Taylor returns to Vancouver, confident that she can finally spring her trap, but instead, finds herself in the crosshairs of a remorseless villain.

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ISBN: 978-1-988281-55-1

Published by Sands Press

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Book 2: Bear of a Honeymoon


Investigative reporter Taylor Kerrick is supposed to be off duty. She’s supposed to be enjoying the honeymoon that career pressures keep forcing her and photojournalist Matt Anderson to delay. But when the couple finally arranges a retreat at the mountain lodge owned by Taylor’s friends, a string of troubling incidents and the gruesome discovery of a mangled bear carcass conspire to derail their romantic plans. Taylor smells a story, but she holds her professional drive in check—until Matt’s sudden departure on an emergency assignment. Hurt and angry, Taylor gives free reign to her impetuous streak. Not a good idea any time, and definitely not in mountain country. Without warning, the frustrated reporter lands herself in mortal danger, threatened by unforgiving terrain and unscrupulous poachers. Reunion with her man does nothing to dampen her curiosity and Taylor soon ropes Matt into the hunt. As the reporter follows her instincts, the couple’s investigation takes an unexpected turn and the newly forged team faces a grave test. 

Trade paperback     $19.99

ISBN: 978-1988281612

Published by Sands Press

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Grandma Wears Hiking Boots

Laurie Carter’s unique take on Okanagan trails, wildflower excursions, wine tasting, farm tours, family attractions, historic sites, cultural pursuits, mine tours, jumping off mountains and her favourite subject—food—suggest this book should be called: Grandma Wears Hiking Boots and Sneakers, Snowshoes and Skis, Flip-flops and Terminally Gorgeous Heels. Carter’s zippy style and self-inflicted humour make this collection of anecdotes, observations and recommendations a lively page-turner for armchair travellers and serious Okanagan explorers.

  • Quick reference guides
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Colour photos
  • Detailed maps

What people are saying…

“The book looks terrific (presentation) and the contents are delicious – bright, original, humorous.” ~ Melody Hessing, Author, Up Chute Creek: An Okanagan Idyll 

“This book is going to get me off the couch… While beautifully illustrated and packed with photos, Grandma Wears Hiking Boots is no trail guide. Sure the facts are there, but Carter tucks them into an easy-to-read sidebar saving the page space for what reads like a novel – just as the title promises… Carter is an exquisite storyteller… Tantalizing and full of surprising diversity (like our Valley) Carter’s book is a gift to us all.” ~ Okanagan Life

In bookstores     $24.95

Pages: 272
ISBN: 978-0-9812451-0-2

eBook     $9.99

ISBN: 978-0-9812451-1-9
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Grandma Wears Hiking Boots is distributed by Heritage Group Distribution.

Gifts of the Okanagan

Gifts of the Okanagan, a stunning visual celebration of British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley by Carter and her husband Bruce Kemp, conveys an intimate knowledge and understanding of the region. Carter and Kemp have captured the immutable and evolving, threatened and thriving, serious and carefree facets of a unique and complex environment. Their images reveal a deep connection with their home and a profound pleasure in sharing the beauty and wonders that surround them every day.

What people are saying…

“It looks like you’ve been busy producing this new book, and the results are certainly beautiful. It’s a fantastic visual summary of all the Okanagan has to offer…” ~Janice Greenwood-Fraser,
Tourism British Columbia  “What a wonderful project and it is a stunning visual of our beautiful valley.” ~Michelle Jefferson, Tourism Services, City of Vernon

In bookstores     $24.95

Pages: 96
ISBN: 978-0-9812451-4-0

Gifts of the Okanagan is distributed by Heritage Group Distribution.