Emily Carr’s BC: Vancouver Island


I’m very excited to announce the imminent release of the first book in my new series Emily Carr’s BC. For the last three years I’ve been immersed in the life of this amazing woman and travelled to almost every place where she lived and worked. It’s been a labour of love and fulfilling beyond words. The book will be available by mid-June. Here’s a preview of what to expect.

Emily Carr was an epic traveller. She covered more than 20,000 kilometres in British Columbia during a time when women rarely set off on their own — certainly not with the intention of visiting remote aboriginal villages. While this wanderlust and fearless sense of adventure fuelled her reputation as an eccentric, it also propelled her to become the artist and author we revere today.

I set out to rediscover Vancouver Island by following Emily’s path, delving into the home life, landscapes and First Nations traditions that shaped the woman and her work. Emily Carr’s B.C.: Vancouver Island is a personal journey to a new perspective, an exploration of Vancouver Island’s best-loved destinations and all-but-unknown outposts, and a fresh take on evolving life in this province.

Print edition coming June 2015.


ISBN: 978-1-927878-01-9

Distributed by Heritage Group Distribution.


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