Haida Gwaii vs Enbridge

I write about the positive aspects of travel – especially environmental, cultural and historic – and the ways in which contact with people who live in a different context from mine influence me. I believe that travel opens our minds, hearts and spirits. This is the first time that I’ve promoted a political position in my blog, but practically the first thing I saw when I got off the ferry in Haida Gwaii was a sign that I agree with completely.
Throughout my time in these exquisite islands and among the fascinating, talented and generous Haida people and other Islanders I met, the theme was repeated over and over. I am posting photos of a sampling of the signs that so clearly state the Islanders position on tankers in their immensely vulnerable waters to show my complete solidarity with their thinking. We in British Columbia should not gamble with a disaster waiting to happen. I say, “No” to the Northern Gateway pipeline.

(First posted August 21, 2012)
















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