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Grandma Wears Hiking Boots – Okanagan

Laurie Carter’s unique take on Okanagan trails, wildflower excursions, wine tasting, farm tours, family attractions, historic sites, cultural pursuits, mine tours, jumping off mountains and her favourite subject—food—suggest this book should be called: Grandma Wears Hiking Boots and Sneakers, Snowshoes and Skis, Flip-flops and Terminally Gorgeous Heels. Carter’s zippy style and self-inflicted humour make this collection of anecdotes, observations and recommendations a lively page-turner for armchair travellers and serious Okanagan explorers.

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Mission Hill Pairs With Charcut

Amazing dinner at Mission Hill Family Estate last night. It was laid out in the Chagall Room, a vaulted space like the great hall of a castle with the massive Chagall Tapestry (two years in the weaving) commanding one wall above an autographed David Foster grand piano. The Spring Epicurean Dinner (part of the Okanagan Spring Wine Festival) featured chef Matthew Batey hosting the dynamic team from Calgary’s Charcut, Connie DeSousa and John Jackson. Ate rabbit – and loved it! Also their in-house-made bison heart kielbasa. I know where I’m eating next time I’m in Calgary.

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