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A Novel Tale

Ivory Express Cover 72 dpiDuring a 1993 trip to Taiwan, I was shocked by the masses of ivory carvings I saw on display – everything from cheap key fobs to expensive single-tusk carvings. I particularly took notice because I’d been reading about the UN CITES treaty – which had banned the sale of ivory – and understood that every pair of those single-tusk carvings represented the life of an African elephant. I’d found the subject for my first novel, a little mystery/romance targeted to reach an audience that might not otherwise be aware of the potential extinction of these magnificent creatures. 

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Ivory Express – New Release! First time in print

Ivory Express Cover 72 dpiJust released, The Ivory Express is the first novel in my Taylor Kerrick Mystery Series.

A high-profile murder launches reporter Taylor Kerrick into the world of international ivory smugglers. Determined to expose the criminals and raise public awareness about the plight of endangered elephants, she sets out to follow the story across the Pacific. The only obstacle is her editor. If Ben Palasco had any idea about the threatening letters—or her ultimate plan to snare the smugglers—he’d never let her go. But even without all the facts, Ben insists on local backup and arranges for photojournalist Matt Anderson to meet her in Taiwan. Taylor bristles, but agrees—fully intending to ditch the guy—

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Ivory Express (A Taylor Kerrick Mystery)

Reporter Taylor Kerrick’s discovery of ivory smugglers is pure coincidence. Her determination to discover the source of the contraband and raise public awareness of endangered elephants is pure madness—or so her editor Ben Palasco fears when the story heads for Taiwan. If he had all the facts, Taylor knows she would never make it out of Vancouver. So she fails to mention a string of oddly perfumed threats. Ben has no reason to suspect the murderous treachery she’s about to uncover, but his agreement on the trip is reluctant and conditional on local backup. The results are turbulent and completely unexpected. Taylor is determined to get her man—but which one?

Ivory Express is the first book in the Taylor Kerrick mystery series, followed by Bear of a Honeymoon.

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Bear of a Honeymoon (A Taylor Kerrick Mystery)

Reporter Taylor Kerrick met her match chasing down a story in Taiwan. She found time to wed photographer Matt Armstrong (Ivory Express), but career pressures put the honeymoon on hold. When the couple finally retreats to a backcountry lodge in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, an emergency assignment, mysterious incidents and a gruesome discovery derail their plans. Taylor finds a sensational story—but nearly loses everything.

Bear of a Honeymoon is the second book in the Taylor Kerrick mystery series.

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CBC Radio West Interview

I took to the airwaves yesterday in an interview with CBC Radio West host Rebecca Zandbergen. I was delighted to meet the person behind the voice of her afternoon drive and grateful for the opportunity to highlight the theme of her latest Taylor Kerrick Mystery Bear of a Honeymoon – the impact of habitat loss on British Columbia’s bear population. You can hear the entire interview on the CBC radio website. Bear of a Honeymoon is set in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley.

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