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Drama at Sea – Miracle on Uchuck III

I’m standing at the starboard rail aboard the MV Uchuck III out of Gold River, BC, en route for historic Yuquot – Friendly Cove. We’re about to put into Nootka Island Lodge to make a quick delivery. I’m wearing my standard field trip rig: a wide belt fitted with slots to hold pouches for my long lens, notebook and sundries. I’ve got a small daypack on my back.

I’ve just shifted the camera in my hand, all my attention focused on the captain’s maneuver to get his 136-foot vessel into position within a miniscule cove to pass items by hand across to people waiting on the dock. This is not a regularly scheduled stop. Almost in unison, the man and woman standing beside me cry, “Oh, you’ve dropped your notebook.” I look down at the deck to retrieve it. Nothing. More urgently I look over the rail to the deck below. Nothing. With a vice gripping my heart, I look overside.

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